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Smart homes and the IoT changing consumer attitudes to energy

Consumers are checking their energy consumption in real time, which makes them critical of the status quo. The result? New revenue streams for providers. Despite huge advances in green and IoT tech over the past few years, only a minority of US citizens believe that their homes are energy efficient. According to a new study from IoT market research and consulting firm, Parks Associates, only nine per cent of American homeowners believe that their premises are using energy efficiently. That’s despite the fact that well over half of broadband-connected households in the US (56 percent) see energy-efficient homes and...

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Men’s Fashion – Buy Cheap Buy Twice?

Fashion used to be predominantly a women’s game. The catwalk was owned by beautiful women showing off flowing gowns, the latest shoes, incredible handbags and hats that meant you had to duck every time you walked into a room. Even gym kit was made to look sexy. This was, of course, just for show. Not everything from the catwalk would make its way to the High Street, and very often these shows were there to highlight the daring direction many fashion houses were going in, not to sell clothes which, frankly, were too ‘out there’ to ever appear in...

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Starting an Estate Agency Franchise vs Going It Alone

If you are committed to starting up your own business, you dream of a flexible work-life balance and satisfaction in the workplace yet are stuck for ideas; then read on. Franchising of estate agencies is big business in the US. However, this is now well and truly established in the UK too. It is a rewarding business that can generate big money for franchisees. UK Franchisors such as HomeXperts a national award-winning property franchise is helping new entrepreneurs across the country take control of their future and is becoming one of the most popular options when it comes to...

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The best washing machines (and their matching dryers)

How we picked Since 2015 we’ve tracked 232 models, and about 114 of them are still currently available. To use these washers, you’ll need access to hot and cold water hookups and somewhere to drain the washer. If you want a matching dryer, you’ll also need a 220-volt outlet (or a gas line) and somewhere to hook up the ventilation hose. We also limited our scope to machines with a width of about 27 inches, the standard size in North America. Beyond those basics, we looked for washing machines with exemplary cleaning abilities, quick wash cycles, a prewash or...

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YouTube prankster thrusts head into cement-filled microwave oven, nearly dies

After an hour of unfruitful attempts to free the prankster, his friends finally called the fire department. The 22-year-old prankster and his friends poured seven bags of Polyfilla cement sludge into an unplugged microwave oven on Thursday. Swingler then stuck a breathing tube into his mouth and covered his head with a plastic bag before thrusting it into the kitchen implement. His friends used a hair-dryer to dry the cement as fast as possible. “This is the worst-case scenario,” the YouTuber was heard saying in the video. “Worse than being buried alive.” However, even Swingler did not fathom how...

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