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MoneySavingExpert’s Martin Lewis reveals whether you should invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is closing in on 13,000 (£9,725), in what is set to be another milestone in the cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise. The price of Bitcoin pushed past 12,000 (£8,977) overnight, and was trading upwards of 12,700 (£9,503) by midday, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index, prompting further concerns over potentially volatile price movements. A number of institutional investors say they are still avoiding Bitcoin, after seeing it rise around 1,100% since the start of the year. Bitcoin is the world’s leading virtual currency, operating independently of any bank or central authority. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person...

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How to save money on your Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is the most eagerly anticipated meal of the year. But, as we all know only too well, it can hit you hard in the pocket. Worrying figures have revealed one in three Britons will be putting their Christmas on credit this year, according to the Money Advice Trust. One in five of the 2,000 people surveyed will be putting their Christmas food on credit. Unfortunately, your dinner is going to cost more for families this year, as WalesOnline points out. A survey of supermarkets has found that the cheapest one will cost 18% more than it did...

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How to grow a franchise business

Franchising as a form of business is very lucrative, and if done right it can open doors to more successful partnerships. A franchise is a type of business owned and operated by individuals called the franchises but with a brand overseen by a much larger company (the franchisor). With the advent of social media, it means business can be grown more efficiently, even franchises. Growing a franchise is no stroll in the park as you first have to have had a considerable amount of success with your business before considering the idea of franchising and there also needs to...

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Got a smelly washing machine?

Your washing machine sits in the corner of the kitchen, merrily cleaning away, day-in, day-out and for many people it does its job just fine. However, every now and then you might notice that things aren’t getting as clean as they should, or even more common, there’s a bit of a pong coming from it. Most of the time this is due to mildew or bacteria growing inside it, sometimes around the rim of the door or inside the machine itself. Even though it’s constantly cleaning, it can still build up and it’s often fed by the detergents used...

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9 home security systems you can install yourself

Do-it-yourself home security companies aren’t like the ADTs and Vivints of the world. Instead of locking you into a multiyear contract, most DIY systems give you the flexibility to chose how and when you monitor your home. That usually means you can sign up for a monitoring service on an optional basis and cancel any time — without early termination fees or other hidden charges. Scroll through your options below to learn more about the DIY home security systems available today. Abode The $300 Abode starter kit has all of the standard sensors and devices for an easy entry-level...

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