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Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert reveals how to SLASH the cost of your car insurance

GETTY Martin Lewis has revealed how to slash the cost of your car insurance Finding the right car insurance deal can be an arduous task, particularly when it leaves you out of pocket. But Martin Lewis, 45, appeared on ITV’s This Morning and revealed ten points which will help bring down the cost of your car insurance. 1. To find the cheapest price at speed combine comparison sites then add those they miss. There’s no one cheapest insurer, as prices are set individually. So the aim’s to check as many quotes as possible. Comparison sites do that, but they...

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Solar panel capacity to overtake nuclear energy next year in historic landmark | The Independent

Solar panel capacity is set to overtake nuclear worldwide for the first time within the next few months, according to expert predictions. The total capacity of nuclear power is currently about 391.5 gigawatts but the total capacity of photovoltaic cells is expected to hit 390 gigawatts by the end of this year with demand growing at up to eight per cent per year, according to GTM Research. While this would be a landmark moment for renewable energy, nuclear still generates much more electricity than solar – nearly 2.5 million gigawatt-hours a year compared to the latter’s 375,000 gigawatt-hours. Stephen Lacey, writing on...

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You Can Earn Money Through Solar Heating

One of the biggest costs to any household is for heating. Whether it’s heating water or the home itself, the amount of energy required to do it, and the way energy costs have been going up, means that it usually takes most of our income just to keep warm. There are many ways to reduce these costs, but we’ve been promised for years that solar energy will be the biggest upset to traditional fuel. It’s promised us free energy for years, even under the often dull skies of the UK. One of the problems with solar has been the...

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Save The Planet (And Money!) By Defeating Zombie Boilers!

Lurking in cellars, closets, and utility rooms, zombie boilers are any boilers made prior to 1980 or any boiler with a permanent pilot light. Modern features have improved efficiency in home boilers by over 60%. and with half of the U.K.s greenhouse gas emissions stemming from heating costs, you can bet that climate protectors are eager to address the 9 million zombie boilers in homes across the country. The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council has even put together a program of product labelling old machines to help fight the zombie boiler epidemic and save consumers money. Don’t overlook the fact these zombie boilers can be a...

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Do I need a professional photographer?

Getting married this year? Seen the prices of photographers lately? Scary huh? Well don’t despair, because if you’re on a budget for your wedding and you’ve spend hours cutting back all your other costs and got stuck on the photographer, then there is help at hand. But first you need to be honest with yourself and ask the question – “can you afford not to have a professional photographer?” Remember that this is potentially the most important day of your lives, and making sure you get it all recorded might not be best left to chance. Should I ask my...

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