Getting married this year? Seen the prices of photographers lately?

Scary huh?

Well don’t despair, because if you’re on a budget for your wedding and you’ve spend hours cutting back all your other costs and got stuck on the photographer, then there is help at hand.

But first you need to be honest with yourself and ask the question – “can you afford not to have a professional photographer?”

Remember that this is potentially the most important day of your lives, and making sure you get it all recorded might not be best left to chance.

Should I ask my guests?

There’s a trend at the moment to simply ask guests to take lots of photos on their phones and email them to the bride and groom.

While this is a novelty and can give some candid and exciting results, it doesn’t really replace the role of a qualified, professional and experienced photographer, and depending on your guests, could result in some rather unwanted pictures.

However, along with someone taking snaps with a proper camera, it could add to the day, so don’t discount it completely.

Buying a camera and doing it yourself

Of  course, you can’t do it yourself.

You will have a rather important job on the day, so there’s no way you can take photos and stand looking elegant in your gown.

You could, I guess, use a tripod, but it’s not going to work that well for you and will break up the flow of the day.

So, if you have a friend who you know has taken good snaps in the past (check their Facebook feed), you should at least ask them.

If you do, there are plenty of places to get advice from. For example, if your wedding is in a hotel, check out this site:

More general wedding photography tips can be found here, though:

These are all aimed at professionals, but you can pretend, eh?