Top tips to sell your home quickly, and for the asking price

When it comes to selling a home, most people want a quick sale. To get that sale you have to ensure you have someone willing to buy, and finding that person is harder than it might seem.

Although we probably love our homes, it’s unlikely that it will suit everyone, so it’s absolutely critical you make sure your house is attractive to as many people as possible.

How can you do that?

Well here are a few ideas that might just come in useful.

Tidy up the paintwork

Have you noticed that the skirting boards have got a few scratches on them? Take a good look around the home, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find there are bumps and scratches in various places.

Unless you’ve had them covered with protective foam, they’re bound to have been kicked now and again, and if you’ve got kids, it’s likely they’ve fallen victim to toys being rammed into them at various times during their life.

A simple lick of paint might be all that’s needed to bring them up to scratch.

How about the walls? I’m sure when you start looking you’ll find there are cracks and smudges that you hadn’t noticed before.

In some cases, a clean with some sugar soap might be enough, but don’t be afraid to get the brushes out and pain the whole wall. It will give it a welcome refresh, and might just help get a sale.

Clean the carpets

If you’ve lived in your house for a fairly long time, you’ll have failed to notice the smell.

Yes, your home smells, but you’ve got used to it, so you don’t notice.

Go outside for a while, then come back in and take a deep breath. Notice it?

Yes, it smells.

It’s even worse if you have pets.

Don’t just vacuum, hire yourself one of those wet carpet cleaners from the local supermarket and spend the weekend giving the carpets a really good clean.

Start with getting all the furniture out of the way, and then really clean up to every corner.

Fix things

There are things in the house that we just put up with, for example, the dodgy cord light switch in the bathroom that sometimes doesn’t work, or the door to the kitchen that creaks when you open it.

You know that door hinge that you were going to get around screwing back in? Well now’s the time to do it.

You might not notice them anymore, but a potential buyer is going to be going through your house like Sherlock, noticing everything that’s wrong and adjusting their bid accordingly.

Although dodgy DIY might not break the deal completely, it’s likely to knock money off the asking price, and most problems can be fixed for just a few quid.

Give the kitchen an update

No, don’t get a new kitchen, but check out those doors – do they look a bit dark? Most people are after a light and airy kitchen when they’re buying a new house, but for some reason, many of us buy dark fittings.

Upgrading the doors and frontages is actually a very cheap way of making it look completely new.

Also, run your finger around the hob and at the back of the cooker – covered in grease? Maybe it’s worth investing in a steamer to get all that off.

Also, de-clutter. Move pots and pans off the work space, and that pile of bills shouldn’t be on the breadboard, they should be filed away.

Get a decent estate agent

Yes, probably the most important part of selling your house is making sure it’s in front of people who want to buy, so you should be on the look out for a decent estate agent that has your interests at heart.

Some of the best ones are those that have bought into a property franchise, they will have spent an awful lot of time and money on their education, and they will have a vested interest in making sure you get the right value for your home.

But you should really ask around. Ask people who have already sold their homes who they would recommend and make sure when you meet them, they’re just the people for you.

Don’t be swayed by fancy pitches, and understand that nothing in this world is free!