Your washing machine sits in the corner of the kitchen, merrily cleaning away, day-in, day-out and for many people it does its job just fine.
However, every now and then you might notice that things aren’t getting as clean as they should, or even more common, there’s a bit of a pong coming from it.
Most of the time this is due to mildew or bacteria growing inside it, sometimes around the rim of the door or inside the machine itself. Even though it’s constantly cleaning, it can still build up and it’s often fed by the detergents used themselves which accumulate to cause the problem. Also, in hard water areas limescale can be an issue.

Easy fix one – up the temperature

We’ve now got into the habit of washing at lower temperatures to help the environment and reduce bills. While this is a good thing to do, it does mean that some bacteria simply isn’t getting killed.
Some doctors recommend that you should clean at 60 degrees to kill germs.

Easy fix two – clean the dispenser drawer

You might notice that some of the conditioner you add isn’t being washed away every time. This is a sure sign of a clogged drawer.
Luckily, it’s really easy to clean. Many people don’t realise that these drawers are detachable. In most cases it’s a matter of simply pulling the drawer out and up and it will be released from the machine, however, you should check with your manufacturer first!

Easy fix three – clean the door seal

The seal around the door of your machine can hold a hotbed of bugs and bacteria.
Using a standard kitchen detergent, simply wipe around the seal with a cloth. Do this at regular intervals and you’ll never have a problem.

Easy fix four – the filter

Did you know you have a filter?
Find it (check your manufacturers website), take it out and see what’s in there, you might be surprised to find coins, bits of plastic and even lego!

Easy fix five – do a maintenance hot wash

If you clean at lower temperatures (see fix one), then at least once a month it’s worth running a very hot wash, maybe with some white towels or something to make sure hot water gets sloshed around all of the machine.

Of course, sometimes your machine could be broken, and when that happens, it’s time to call the experts!