You might think that cleaning your washing machine is unnecessary, it’s surely being cleaned all the time?

Well, residue and chemicals can build up in the detergent draw, and around the door seal and in other places. Eventually it could start to smell a bit, so here’s a quick and easy routine you can do regularly to keep it in tip-top condition.

1) Firstly, remove the detergent drawer (check your manual, but they usually just lift out with a bit of a tug), and soak it in hot water in the sink. Use a standard cleaning brush to get rid of the lumps of residue and let it soak for a bit longer. Dry it off, and pop it back in the washing machine.

2) Grab a damp cloth and wipe around the rim of the door, making sure to get into all the folds of the rubber seal, it’s here where you’re likely to find bits of hair clinging and maybe the odd Lego block!

3) Get a small cup of white vinegar and add it to an empty drum, then pop it on a hot wash and let it finish. When done, dry the drum and check it smells fresh, if there’s any smell still, do it again, and then repeat.

If you do this every few weeks, could will have a fresh smelling machine that will last a long time and be fairly maintenance-free!