Lurking in cellars, closets, and utility rooms, zombie boilers are any boilers made prior to 1980 or any boiler with a permanent pilot light.

Modern features have improved efficiency in home boilers by over 60%. and with half of the U.K.s greenhouse gas emissions stemming from heating costs, you can bet that climate protectors are eager to address the 9 million zombie boilers in homes across the country.

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council has even put together a program of product labelling old machines to help fight the zombie boiler epidemic and save consumers money.

Don’t overlook the fact these zombie boilers can be a real drain on your wallet.

Homeowners that maintain retro boilers spend much more on fuel and repairs annually than neighbours with updated machinery.

Replacing a zombie boiler will save you an average of £300 per year and help put to rest these outdated and highly inefficient machines. Plus, zombie boilers are more likely to growl than their replacement.

Northern Gas Heating can help you navigate the process of replacing your zombie boiler today. With over 15 years in the industry, Northern Gas Heating is committed to bringing quality, efficiency, and comfort to homeowners across the U.K.