If you are committed to starting up your own business, you dream of a flexible work-life balance and satisfaction in the workplace yet are stuck for ideas; then read on.

Franchising of estate agencies is big business in the US. However, this is now well and truly established in the UK too. It is a rewarding business that can generate big money for franchisees.

UK Franchisors such as HomeXperts a national award-winning property franchise is helping new entrepreneurs across the country take control of their future and is becoming one of the most popular options when it comes to starting an estate agency. Compared to the pain of setting up an independent estate agency which can be expensive, time-consuming and full of trial and error.

Becoming a franchisee really reduces the risks of going it alone. You will be supported by an established brand and have the benefit of leveraging a well-known name. Alongside access to personalised marketing materials, training, resources and more. For more information on the benefits of franchising, Click here: http://www.home-xperts.co.uk/starting-an-estate-agency/

What is Estate Agency?

Most of us at some point in our lives have encountered an estate agent either through the buyers or sellers point of view. You might have wondered what it is like from the other side.

An estate agent acts as the representative of someone who wants to sell their house and has an obligation to get the best price for the owner, but sellers aren’t just going to walk through the door and give you their commission. You must spend time on the phone, be involved in the local community and being aware of what is coming on to the market. Then you must be able to offer owners the confidence that you will sell their house better and faster than anyone else.

The second part of the process is trying to convince someone to buy from you. Part of that will be from having a high street presence and strong brand name that entices customers to walk through the door. But should also be trying to encourage people to come to you. Your franchise fee is going to cover some form of marketing program, but you need to check how active each franchisor is. Then you should be mailing flyers and remain active in marketing your business, as the effort you put in will directly impact the rewards you receive. A franchisee of HomeXperts Rob Pain had something to say about how he decided between going it alone and starting an estate agency franchise.

“After working as an Estate Agent for 25 years it was time to ‘go it alone’ but not ‘alone’ at the same time. I investigated several Estate Agents franchises but the support network, branding and sheer professionalism of HomeXperts clearly stood apart from the others. Joining the network gave me the marketing, technology and office support options I need to create a successful business and the ethos of quality, passion and integrity align totally with my own ideology. My only annoyance is why didn’t I look at this years ago!” Robert Pain HomeXperts North Somerset.

Why Estate Agency?

Running an estate agency tends to appeal for three reasons, firstly a mature HomeXperts Personal Agent could earn £75,000 plus per annum pre-tax profit.

And secondly people will always need places to live and there will always be a market for buying and selling property. As the housing market continues to flourish with house prices predicted to rise 1.00% in 2018, the sector has attracted considerable interest and has been resilient even after a predicted downturn after Brexit.

Thirdly being an estate agent is a people business. You must be a good communicator, able to inspire trust and confidence in your clients and reassure people as they go through the sale process. You must also be able to carry on when things get a bit slow, so a positive disposition and perseverance will be crucial.


It is almost certainly going to be easier as a HomeXperts franchisee as you have the flexibility to be office or home-based, the support of an existing national estate agency brand, and the ongoing support of award-winning property professionals. Compared to a start-up independent agency that could achieve a local profile and build a business without the support of a franchisor, but wouldn’t have the recognised brand, on-going support or the minimal overheads that a franchisee would.

To find out more about starting your own estate agency with a nationally recognised franchisor, Click here: http://www.home-xperts.co.uk/starting-an-estate-agency/