One of the biggest costs to any household is for heating.

Whether it’s heating water or the home itself, the amount of energy required to do it, and the way energy costs have been going up, means that it usually takes most of our income just to keep warm.

There are many ways to reduce these costs, but we’ve been promised for years that solar energy will be the biggest upset to traditional fuel. It’s promised us free energy for years, even under the often dull skies of the UK.

One of the problems with solar has been the cost of installing it. This means that many people simply haven’t got the resources to buy the equipment in the first place, so they miss out on the free energy.
It now seems that some households can get government help with schemes being created that will actually pay for the panels to be installed, with no up front costs.

The simple fact is, solar panels, the converters and all the electronics to make everything work are expensive – really expensive. Then there’s the fitting. It’s not just about sliding panels on to your roof, it takes skill and experience to ensure it’s all working properly and safely.

This is traditionally what has put people off, however now the UK government has put schemes in place to pay for the entire installation, with no costs to the householder at all, assuming you meet certain criteria.

Assuming you’re claiming certain benefits, and your home is electrically heated (i.e. not gas), then you may qualify for this new scheme.

Earn when the sun is out

What’s more, you could even earn money from it.

Each home that generates electricity via solar will often generate more than they use.

This can then be sold back into the grid, meaning you could make money from having these panels installed.

These “Feed In Tariffs” are fully supported by the UK government and the amount you get back is based on the type of equipment you install, how energy efficient your home is and the size of your system.

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Where to get more information

There are many companies offering solar panels. Some of them offer these free schemes, but some will still offer a great quote even if you don’t qualify for free fitting. And remember, even if you have to pay, it might still be profitable.